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Three reasons why good presentation skills are so important

Almost all professional jobs require a level of good presentation skills - and this need typically increases the more senior someone is. Look at any politician, senior business executive or other high-profile figure and chances are they are excellent at presenting. But why is it just so important? Here are three reasons.

It helps you land your message with conviction, authority and impact

When communicating your message, you want the presentation to land in your audience. Being a better public speaker will mean that what you say will land more effectively, in the way you want it to. This becomes especially important when your message is aimed at creating a change in behaviour in your audience, or in trying to persuade them of something. What do you want them to think, feel and do when presenting?

It helps you be better understood

Being understood is something all of us strive for - but some people do it better than others. Effective presenting skills mean that your message is more likely to be understood in your audience - which becomes especially important when conveying complex ideas, topics or concepts, or something technical.

It adds credibility to you as a person

Strong public speaking and presenting skills will add credibility and weight to you as a person. There is a reason politicians who have mastered the art of rhetoric are more likely to be elected - even if their policies and ideas were no different to someone who was an average presenter. Much like a badge of honour, presenting skills will have a direct impact on your own personal brand and how seriously you are taken.

If wanting to learn how to become a better presenter, book a session or enquire with us today.

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