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We believe everyone has the right to be an excellent presenter.


Our mission is to make public speaking more accessible, by allowing people to learn in the comfort of their homes through flexible, bite-sized sessions.

Accessible, remote and tailored.

Unlock your potential today.

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Unlock your potential today and start being heard. 

Virtual, remote learning via Zoom

1-1 coaching, tailored to you 

Dedicated packages for women and international speakers

For all levels and abilities

Interactive group sessions for employers

Continual development plans

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From the founder, Niluka Kavanagh  

I founded HelpMePresent because I am passionate about public speaking, presenting and helping others in this space. My background includes over 5 years of experience in broadcasting, podcasting, radio and speaking in front of C-suite executives. I studied English Literature and Language at Oxford University and later achieved a qualification in Rhetoric at Harvard University.

I have always enjoyed public speaking and, at first, thought other people did too. However I soon realised this wasn't the case. I remember attending a panel debate with a colleague who was infinitely qualified to speak about a subject as an expert. However, he was unable to get his points across clearly and with authority. Nerves got the better of him. Although he was a specialist in his field and more than able to answer questions, his nervousness and lack of presenting skills left many questioning just how good he was.


It was then that I realised how important presenting is, especially the further up the career ladder you go. When presenting to boards, at events, or even to your team, ensuring your thoughts are well communicated is key to being understood. And yet most help is in the form of expensive webinars or courses, generic and not tailored to the individual's needs. It's not accessible. 

That's when the idea of a remote coaching platform sprang to mind, for both individuals and organisations. All sessions take place virtually and are tailored to your needs and desires. 


Accessible, remote and tailored. I want people to no longer feel that presenting is something that holds them back, but rather an enjoyable experience that allows their whole potential to be unlocked. 

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