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Niluka ran a workshop on improving delivery while public speaking for our Marketing team, and it was such a valuable session! Everyone came away feeling inspired and armed full of actionable tips to smash our next presentations. Would highly recommend.

- Liz, Senior Marketing Srategist, Spryker 

We used HMP to deliver presentation training to the entire agency. Our minds =  blown 🤯 The sessions contained a wonderful mix of theory and practical techniques. We got to practise our speeches in a safe space and received individual, tailored feedback. It's definitely something that can be applied going forwards in our work. . I'm not sure how we could recommend it more highly!

- Max Hoppy, Managing Director at Bind 

I would highly recommend a coaching session with HelpMePresent if you’re preparing for an upcoming speech or looking to improve your confidence or presenting skills. The session was well balanced, mixing theory with an opportunity to present and receive live feedback. After the session I feel more confident and prepared for my upcoming presentation and have a whole host of tips and techniques to help my continual improvement.

- Georgiana, Manager at Canopius Group

HelpMePresent changed my perspective on presenting and confidence. I used to think the ability to present with confidence was something you were born with – you either have it or you don’t. 

I was captivated from the first session. I was amazed at how educational, practical, and engaging each session was. A combination of theory and practice as well as specifically tailored sessions and prompt feedback was key to my learning. The coach was so patient, encouraging and understanding with me in every session.

The journey for the last 12 months with HelpMePresent has been amazing and a personal success. I would highly recommended HMP to anyone who wants to personally and professionally invest in themselves and wants to improve their confidence and presenting skills.

-Abdi Sharif, Audit Assistant Manager, DSG 

Absolutely LOVED this! Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. You practice what you preach - I really enjoyed listening to you. The practical task was super cool.

Niluka provided us with tangible hacks and best practices to ramp up our presentation game. It was engaging and fun. Highly recommend!

-Marketing Team at Spryker 

The coaching I received was helpful and effective, I was provided with useful tips and valuable feedback. The presentation I was preparing for went well - both the information and feedback you gave me was extremely helpful. The service you provide is impactful. 

- Lamesha, Inspector General, Chicago 


We had 2x HelpMePresent sessions for the marketing team. Niluka is highly engaging and makes learning enjoyable, inclusive and for everyone. My team are now more confident in themselves and also their ability to present.

They also had great fun in the sessions which is key to an effective learning environment.

- Mark Pym, Head of Marketing at Poundland

My coach listened to my concern areas and then prepared a very thorough, tailored session to talk through them all in detail,  including specifically prepared slides that I could refer to afterwards. I found her feedback very clear and highly actionable, and I would certainly recommend HMP to others who are looking for advice on how to handle public speaking / team communication concerns.

- Rehan, Senior Data Scientist at IQVIA

I couldn't recommend HelpMePresent enough. For someone who finds public speaking daunting, this helps grow your confidence in a safe, fun environment.  It was a great experience. Everyone could learn a lot from this.

- Gurneet, Marketing Team at Poundland


What a great session you ran for the students. That was absolutely super! The best session we have had yet. Many positive comments from the attendees too. Thank you.

- Claire, Development Officer, Oxford University 

My coaching session with HMP was stimulating and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the practical exercise, where I was able to put into action the lessons learnt in the session, followed by helpful feedback with tips on how to improve. 


As a software engineer, presenting is not something I often do (being a more technical role) so the skills and techniques of presenting from this lesson revealed to me areas I often overlook, such as persuasive writing, rhetoric and inspirational speech.


I'd recommend to anyone who wants to improve their skills and learn the art of presenting, regardless of background.

- Joe, Software Engineer at Siemens 



HelpMepresent is a great way of developing presentation skills as an individual and in turn progress as a team. The shared development and learning experience is such a valuable way to build a great team and help get your point across whatever the situation.

- Jon, Marketing Team at Poundland  


My session with HelpMePresent was thought-provoking, practical and engaging. In my first session, we focused on language, specifically words, rhetoric and structure. I especially enjoyed learning about how subtle changes in words can impact the way an audience receives our presentation. I found the practical exercise and feedback very helpful and is something I can now apply going forwards. 

- Daniel, Technology Consultant at KPMG

HelpMePresent ran a dedicated session for 60 members of KPMG China Club. The coaching was interactive, well-structured and delivered in a clear and engaging way. 

The session received a 100% satisfaction rate on both the lead coach who ran the session and on the level of interactions. This was one of our highest rating events.


We also received feedback that a lot of the skills and knowledge learnt from this session could be practically applied to work and life in an English-speaking environment. Thank you! 

- Harry and Tian, KPMG China Club Leads

The coaching I received from HelpMePresent as a non-native speaker was pragmatic, concise and fun. It met my own individual needs, covering everything from how to structure powerful introductions, to exploring the way messages are received by different audiences. Thank you!

- Joe, Analyst, Deloitte

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