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How to speak better and savour your words

Have you ever felt that you mumble when you speak? Or been on the receiving end of someone whose voice isn't quite as clear as you like, causing you to ask them to repeat themselves?

Chances are the answer is yes to one or both of these questions.

You're not alone.

When nervous or distracted, people are prone to speaking far too quickly and/or stumbling over their words, failing to articulate them properly. The effect is less than desirable.

To prevent this, try these three tips:

Savour your words. Compare a piece of toast you eat as you rush out the door with a meal at your favourite high-end restaurant. We probably don't savour the former as much as we do the latter. I like this analogy a lot because it can be used when it comes to words. Rather than rush over and pay little respect to your words, savour and enjoy them. Each one is precious, delicious and important.

Project - especially in person. Remote working has meant we haven't really needed to speak up much when presenting virtually. It's important to therefore remember to project and speak louder when you are in person. It might feel uncomfortable - especially if you haven't for quite some time - but it's key to being heard.

Take a breath. Another reason we mumble is because we want to get to the end of what we are saying. We are not really enjoying the process of talking. We just want to rush through. If this is you - mark 2-3 points in your presentation where you will deliberately pause and take a breath. It will calm you, help slow you down and prevent you rattling through your words.

Want more advice for being a better presenter and delivering with more articulation and gravitas?

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