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This one trick will help you instantly improve your presenting skills

Being a good presenter is made up of a number of components. From what you say (the words, structure and content), to how you say it (the vocals and delivery), to the way you say it (body language and confidence).

One simple trick to instantly improving lies in defining the purpose of your presentation.

A common mistake people tend to make when presenting is that they do not have a clearly defined purpose before going into the presentation. This leads to a lack of clarity in what they want to achieve and what they want their audience to perceive.

Your purpose is the foundation for your presentation - it will translate into your content, your vocals and how you carry yourself.

So it's critical to nail this up front. In other words, this should be the first step when preparing for your presentation.

How to define your presentation purpose

Identify which one (maximum two) of the following you want to most achieve in your presentation.

1) To Inform

2) To Persuade

3) To Entertain

4) To Inspire

Now, write down in more detail how you will achieve that.

Next, get a piece of paper and write down the answer to the following three questions.

1) What do I want my audience to think from this presentation? (E.g. Impressed by a study you have conducted on climate change and think that change must happen)

2) What do I want my audience to feel from this presentation? (E.g. Upset at the devastation being made in the world due to climate change)

3) What do I want my audience to do after this presentation? (E.g. Sign up to a climate change initiative you are promoting)

The goal here is to be as specific as possible.

Defining your purpose through these two simple tasks will take 20 minutes max and is a sure fire way to improve your presentation.

Going in blind is likely to leave confusion in your audience and a more diluted presentation. But by having a clearly defined purpose, you will set the tone throughout your presentation and ensure you achieve what you want off the back of it.

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