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The difference between being a good communicator and presenter

Are you a good communicator but a poor presenter? What's the difference between the two? In this latest HelpMePresent blog, we explore what exactly makes someone a good communicator and a good presenter.

You're a good communicator if:

  • You listen first to understand, then to respond

  • You are able to put across your thoughts in a coherent and articulate way, where the other person can easily understand what you mean

  • You are able to adapt your style when speaking to someone 1-1 vs when speaking in a group

  • You have a solid foundation of vocabulary and rarely struggle to find the words to say what you mean

  • People enjoy speaking to you and listen attentively

  • You find it easy to engage in two-way conversation

You're a good presenter if:

  • You are able to manage your nerves when speaking to bigger groups of people

  • You are able to grab the attention of an audience for long periods of time

  • You use rhetorical flourish and specific delivery techniques (e.g. pauses, repetition) when speaking

  • Your content is well structured with a clear narrative and story

  • You feel comfortable speaking for an extended period of time without neccessarily having anyone respond

  • You carry yourself well and use effective body language to enhance what you are saying

  • You're able to improvise and carry on, even when you make a mistake

People who are good presenters will typically be good communicators. But good communicators may not always be good presenters - this often stems from a fear of speaking to larger groups and a lack of understanding the basic skills of presenting.

But what is clear is that being excellent in both communication and presentation is a proven way to excel in your career.

Find out how HelpMePresent can coach you to become better at both today.


HelpMePresent is the tutoring of presenting. We offer 1-1, flexible, accessible sessions that can be easily booked, including packages specifically for women and international speakers. Click to book now.

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