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How to present on Microsoft Teams or Zoom

It's official. We are all still remote, at least for the most part. Covid-19 has meant the days of 5 days a week travelling to the office are long gone.

And the result? More meetings, more messages and more presentations online. So how do you prepare when all you are talking to are a few pixels on a screen?

Here are 5 top presenting tips for remote presentations.

  1. Make sure you are in a well lit area. There is nothing worse than looking grey on screen, so make sure you prep with the lights before hand - especially when it hits the winter months

  2. Look direct into the camera. Make sure to look direct into your webcam when communicating or presenting - this will ensure you create more of a bond and relationship with the audience, as opposed to constantly looking at the participants (read = screen).

  3. Keep notes handy. One positive of presenting remotely is that you can have more notes with you. Put some sticky notes with the key points you want to cover by your webcam so you can jog your memory and know that you'll cover it all.

  4. Keep it engaging. Most people are multi-tasking when on calls. So chances are, you're trying to compete with your audience's outlook when presenting. To keep them engaged, experiment with asking your audience questions, use polls and show videos or clips in your presentation.

  5. Up the energy. It's also key for you to be more animated than you would in person. Like TV, the screen detracts from your natural energy levels, meaning you need to try harder to be more lively on screen. Use your hands where you can and make your facial expressions work harder. (The good news is you don't have to worry about volume though - a PC mic can pick up even the quietest of speakers).

Want to gain more tailored, deeper and insightful coaching on presenting virtually? Book a 1-1 session on virtual presenting to help run you through everything you need, from basic to advanced tips.

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