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Being a good presenter is a skill for life, not just a New Year's Resolution

As we start 2022, many of us will have a list of new year resolutions. Things we want to achieve or do differently in the year ahead.

Becoming a better presenter may be one of those resolutions, falling into the "careers" or "personal development" bucket. But being a strong presenter isn't like any other resolution.

It's a skill we need for life.

And here's why.

Being a good presenter allows you to land your message.

If someone tells you they increased the sales of their business by 50% in a muffled voice, with little energy or enthusiasm, looking down at the floor, what would you think? You will probably be impressed. But chances are significantly less impressed than if you heard the same message delivered with gravitas and excellent vocal techniques.

Indeed, studies have shown that body language (how you look) and vocals (how you sound) make a far greater impression on an audience than your content (what you actually say). So if you really want to land your message, nailing your presentation skills is a good idea.

Being a good presenter allows you to increase your personal credibility.

Look at any high profile leader and chances are they are a good speaker. There's no doubt that speaking with elegance and articulation instils a level of confidence within your audience - that in turn raises your personal credibility and even your personal brand. It's no surprise that politicians are given extensive public speaking training and support, especially when out campaigning.

Being a good presenter means people are more likely to listen to you in the first place.

Have something to say? Being a good presenter increases the chance people listen to you in the first place. We are surrounded by so much noise today. Our attention spans are shorter than they ever were. The first hurdle is therefore to ensure your audience actually listens to you - not just for the first 30 seconds, but beyond. Being a good presenter increases the chances that you actually get heard to start with.

If becoming a better presenter is a new year's resolution for you, make it one that is really a skill for life. The benefits this can have on you and your career cannot be understated.

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