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Presenting problems: three ways to battle your anxiety

Presenting isn't easy. The fear of standing in front of an audience - be it three or 300 - can be daunting. All eyes are on you and anything could happen. So why are some people able to so seamlessly present with full confidence?

Often, even if the best public speakers get a bit nervous when presenting. But they are able to channel that energy, that excitement, into confidence. And you can too. Here are three key ways to help combat your anxiety.

Visit the setting beforehand - and prep the tech

Often it's the unknown that causes the anxiety. So try to limit the variables of unknown: visit the setting beforehand, check where your audience will sit, do a dry run with the technology, make sure you know how to present the materials etc. It'll calm all the inevitable "logistics" nerves that will set in. Even better - see if you can find someone to present the material on your behalf so you can focus purely on the presenting side of things.

Manifest what could go right

We waste so much time worrying about what could go wrong - if we stumble over our words, forget something or simply go blank. Studies have shown that imagining yourself going wrong will more likely to increase the risk of it happening. So instead, flip it on its head. Imagine it going well. You have done the prep, practiced and now all that's left is for you to shine. And you so can.

Breathe before - and during

There is a lot of research on breathwork and how effective it can be for calming nerves. Many try breathing techniques beforehand, which is key beforehand and helps calm the nervous system or our "fight or flight" response. But you might also want to try breathing deeper during the speech - for example, when there is a natural pause, or before you move onto the next topic. It'll settle you down and also ensure you don't speak at 100 miles an hour either.

For 1-1 confidence training when it comes to public speaking, book a session today. We focus our coaching on the clients needs - so if this is an area you want to improve, let us know.

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